Silkie Roosters for Sale - $20 (Grimesland)

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Silkie Roosters for Sale
Black-fleshed chickens are considered a delicacy, these animals are raised most often for their meat. They are good layers, and extremely broody. These little fluffy-butts will bring joy to your life as they run across your yard chasing insects like the velociraptors that they are.

Silkie chickens are a bantam breed that is believed to have originated in ancient China. Bantam chickens are smaller than normal-size chickens. Silkie chickens also have beautiful, soft, fluffy feathers which are unlike those of other hard-feathered poultry.

Aside from their adorable looks, this breed is known to be among the friendliest! Don't let their small size fool you, silkies can stand their ground in a mixed flock too. They're fun and love to get to know other chickens in their flock, which makes them some of the best chickens to incorporate into a flock.

Silkies are renowned for being fantastic family pets. They are a favourite breed for people located in urban areas, as their small size means that they only require a relatively small backyard to house. Additionally, Silkies are the perfect breed for young children.

Silkies can be entered into poultry shows, which can become a fun pastime to get involved in, and they also provide a natural form of pest control as they gobble up any insects they find. And probably the largest benefit, silkies provide their owners with fresh eggs to eat themselves or sell. Their eggs are small to medium in size and cream or white in color.

$20 for one bird
+$15 for a second, third or fourth bird

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