🌄Loving Touch Massage, Affection ❤️and Holistic Cuddling.🌄 (Virginia Beach near Lynnhaven Parkway)

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I have made it my life’s mission to provide people the human touch and interactions that are missing from their everyday lives. As a holistic practitioner for 20 years I have been privileged to touch the lives of so many beautiful, touch starved individuals through massage, cuddle therapy and walk and talk wellness.

One of the many things that sets me apart is that you get an opportunity to meet and talk with me before scheduling a session. 🌺 I will NEVER welcome you into my private sanctuary WITHOUT EVER HAVING MET YOU IN PUNLIC FIRST! It is important that we are both comfortable, the energy is compatible and it is something that we both want to proceed with. I do this for BOTH MY SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF MY NEW GUESTS and this ensures neither of us end up in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. 🌺 I realize that this is not for everyone, but I have found out over the years that my guests are thankful for this process.

My peaceful, private sanctuary is located in Virginia Beach near Lynnhaven Parkway. I am very meticulous about ensuring that my sanctuary is very clean, warm, cozy and inviting. My massage style is a combination of slow rhythmic oceanic movements, long flowing strokes with my hands, forearms, light finger tips, scratching and a sensuous touch. When you are with me my soul focus is you and your enjoyment. I like to simply take my time to learn about you and provide you an exceptional experience you will look forward to enjoying once again. The benefits of my crafts are extremely beneficial to healing inside the body, ❤️ and mind.

People say I have a calming presence about me. Many have said I have a healing aura. I keep my life calm, peaceful, filled with positive energy and laughter. I do not smoke, use drugs of any kind, and am emotionally and mentally grounded. Those who know me say I am very easy to open up to and confide in. It gives me great joy to be of service and to know I am making a beautiful impact on people's well being. Touch is truly my passion. I believe wholeheartedly that I was put on this earth to share this with others and make a difference in their lives.

Please get in touch with me to receive my website. Serious inquiries only.

I will only be offering my PLATONIC AFFECTION❤️CUDDLE sessions in Myrtle Beach July 26-31.

I do not take phone calls. Texts only please. (Deb) 757-536-1729.

🤗 If you are seeing my ad a long ways away from your home that is because I am wanting to reach out to a wider audience to share my passion for touch and connection with newcomers far and wide. 🤗

"From the first interaction with Deb it was definitely a yes for me! I couldn't wait to book my appointment. The place was most inviting. I was comfortable from the start. She was very professional. The bath was perfect. My massage was incredible. She was very much in tune with my body. It doesn't take much to see that she was made for this and that she enjoys making sure her client is relaxed. We had conversation during the service about singing and she shared with me that she sang as well. Following the massage, instead of cuddling I told her I wanted to sing so without hesitation she pulled out her singing machine. We sang, we laughed, and we talked. Naturally I lost track of time. What sticks with me the most about our interaction was that she listened. She assured me that it was my time. She meant that. I can not WAIT to book again. If you're on the fence about this experience- you need to just do it! I can't think of a better way to be kind to yourself." 5-14-24

"It is easy to relax and feel safe while receiving a wonderful massage from this amazing practitioner. Her knowledge of body stressors and skills makes you feel safe and a sense of deep relaxation immediately. Through her amazing touch I have been able to experience better sleep and a calmer mood while awake. She is a true professional who will help heal your body and soul with her gift of touch. I highly recommend giving her a chance to bring holistic wellness and healing into your life with her massages." 4-18-23

"Wow is all I can say. Deb was attentive, personable, and an all around pleasure to be around. Her holistic approach and attention to detail is second to none. She takes you to another world and makes you feel like you're the only person in it. Her atmosphere is inviting and cozy. If you are lucky enough to be blessed by those hands you will not regret it." 9-13-23

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