Brindle pit mix needing to rehome (Greenville near ECU)

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She's a beautiful, brindle pit mix we'd adopted back in 2019 when our local at the time (FAPS in Fayetteville) was getting over loaded during the major bit of the covid epidemic. She's about 7 years old, an indoor dog, spayed and in good health. We've loved her back into a better place and crate trained her to help handle being alone. She's a sweet girl that deserves better than the abandonment that she was handed and we've provided the best life we could for her with the intention of reaching old age in our care. After the birth of our son late October, we realized that we can no longer financially provide the care our girl Fanta's needs. We've been doing our best for the past six months, but it's given time us to consider our options and come to this conclusion. We don't want to give her up, but we know that we can hardly afford her food now, she behind on her shots, and we know if something were to happen with her health, we couldn't afford the vet bill either. We only have one income at the moment and we cannot guarantee that'll change in a reasonable time enough to turn this situation around. We know that she deserves the life we were able to provide back when we had space for her to run and and more money to set aside for her care, we just aren't the family that can provide it any longer. She's well behaved in-doors. She knows sit, stay and come, which she'll obey as long as she's focused. She's been gentle around our newborn but she gets excited and jumps around new people. We aren't the most social folks so we haven't had much opportunity to train that behavior down. It's a different situation with other dogs and cats. She isn't good with either, though she only seems that way when she's with us. The moment she's separated, like when we'd take her to the groomers, she'd revert back to the timid girl we'd adopted, with the groomers always telling us after how shes was such a sweet girl to work with. Those two trainable things aside, she's a lovable, quiet, and loving dog that comsumes affection and loves to play. We've tried the humane society and other shelters, but they either won't except her for adoption due to how she is with other dogs, they aren't accepting new dogs, or they don't even bother to answer our inquiries. If you have the space for a mid-sized dog to get some sun on the daily, can handle the honest description the dog she is, and are NOT looking for another body throw at other dogs. We don't really want anything for her. We just want assurance that she will get the love and care she ought to receive.

You can save it if you're about to message me about no going "free to a good home." If you read this far, you know why.

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